“Planning, How We Really Do It In Practice” from the Agile Project Management Blog

I thought this was an excellent, short intro to having the Sprint Kickoff/Planning meeting.  A lot of bits here that can be easy to forget (“What about bugs?”) this could be the basis for a checklist for the meeting.

Agile Project Management Blog

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  1. Yhuyhun says:

    I stand by my comment about the slelmar contained’ team not needing a stand-up. Consider, the team with outside testers, designers and management actually have more than two members (2 developers, 1 tester, 1 designer, and 1+ management) and anytime there are external actors involved the stand-up becomes much more valuable.On larger teams, obviously the scrum of scrums is one technique but another option is one big stand-up with all 30 people in the room (standing up) but the questions are changed in this meeting you don’t answer the standard three questions, rather, the scrum master goes around the room and gives each team member the opportunity to enlighten the group on anything that they feel is important. It could be what they did yesterday, it could be what is happening upstream, it could be some new library that was added to the code base. The key is not everyone shares something which keeps the meeting moving.

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