Some thoughts on Performance Testing

I had a conversation earlier this week that got me to thinking about Performance Testing. Specifically, it was an open question about how to go about doing Performance Testing on a specific product, and my mind instantly exploded with a lot of thoughts about what I learned from a previous software product. The products aren’t identical, the previous one was enormously complex (Mac & PC desktops * most browsers, mobile (Android, iPhone, RIM/QNX, Palm), a little Linux, set-top boxes, etc.) and the new one is much more constrained. But I still think that much of what I learned on the previous project is applicable to simpler and different Performance Testing approaches.

So I’m going to scribble down some notes and take a look at some old documentation and see if I can put some coherent posts together. This isn’t intended to be a comprehensive guide to everything one could do or encounter (much like the Wikipedia Software Performance Testing page which seems to be written with mostly web-services in mind) but it is intended to highlight some things I learned that I think may be interesting.


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